Banan-A-vocado Treat for Mama and Baby

Today, Baby S and I enjoyed a quick and easy treat of banana and avocado: cubed for Baby, and blended with cacao powder/nibs (and topped with Enjoy Life chocolate chips of course) for Mama! Delicious!Banavocado

GF Math: French Toast

Nothing like gluten-free french toast on a cold winter morning…

‘All But Gluten’ sliced bread‘Ecoideas Kokimo Kitchen’ GF and vegan cinnamon french toast dipping mix + ‘Enjoy Life’ mini chips (of course!) = Mmm


GF Math: Holiday Cake

GF_Penguin_Cake1 Penguin-shaped pan from Homesense
+ 1 Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Cake Mix
+ Betty Crocker Creamy Deluxe Frosting
+ Wilton food colouring & icing tips
= Delicious GF Holiday Penguin Cake!

Happy Holidays from!