Gluten-free Paradise at Breezes Bahamas

The moment I booked my “all-inclusive” vacation to Breezes Bahamas (March 20-24, 2011), the panic began to set in. What was I thinking… what could someone with gluten allergies possibly eat at a resort buffet?! Hadn’t I learned my lesson after my last ‘hot spot’ attempt in the Dominican Republic two years ago?! I knew I would be in trouble unless I was super well-prepared this time. Since I booked very last minute (literally the week before!), I didn’t think there was a point in contacting the hotel in advance to let them know I was coming (half expecting a “what’s gluten?”). It was only 4.5 days, so I decided my best option was to load up on GF snacks! Enjoy Life cocoloco bars and cookies, Oskri sesame bars, Glutino pretzels, etc. (you know, the regulars). I even bought one of those As Seen On TV ‘magic’ pasta cookers; the ones where you add boiling water to a plastic-looking tube! Hey, I wasn’t taking any chances on starving (or getting sick) this time!

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