“Gluten-free Back-to-School Tips and Recipes”

“If it hasn’t started yet, school’s just around the corner for millions of gluten-free kids. That means a gluten-free plan for breakfast every morning, and for gluten-free lunches, and in-school and after-school snacks.”

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“1 in every 100 U.S. Whites has Celiac Disease”

“One percent of non-Hispanic whites in the U.S. – close to two million Americans – have celiac disease, but most are not aware they suffer the gluten-intolerance problem, according to a new study.The results back up earlier estimates of how common celiac disease is in the U.S. and Europe, the researchers say. They also support evidence that the condition is far more rare among Hispanics and blacks.”

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“Celiac Pill Holds Promise of Relief”

“If you have celiac disease, you might soon be able to take a pill with your gluten-free meals to help prevent uncomfortable symptoms like bloating – and stave off damage to your small intestine. Developed in San Carlos, California by Alvine Pharmaceuticals, the medication, called ALV003, is being heralded as a significant step forward.”

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“Follow-up exams for patients with celiac disease are often inadequate and highly variable”

“Doctors and patients need to be aware of the need for medical follow-up of celiac disease. This is a chronic disease with the possibility of long-term complications. If gastroenterologists are leading the way in the detection of celiac disease, we must improve our communication to patients to ensure that they get needed follow-up care in order to improve outcomes in celiac disease.”

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“Does Your Gluten-Free Diet Contain Enough Fiber?”

“There’s a lot of confusion out there about fiber. Many people on a gluten-free diet think they can’t get enough because they’ve eliminated wheat from their diet. That’s a myth. There are actually thousands of products lining your local grocery store shelves that can pack fiber into your daily gluten-free diet.”

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“Gluten Sensitivity Baffles Celiac Disease Specialists”

“The medical community’s understanding of gluten sensitivity today is where celiac disease was 10 years ago—it’s only now just beginning to register as a bona fide and common condition. Relatively few published reports address the issue; most of the literature is based on case studies or poor-quality data, and the patient population is largely unidentified.”

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“Culinary Celebrities Tackle Gluten-Free Dining”

“The Food Network still hasn’t added a gluten-free cooking show to its prime time line-up, or well at all, but that doesn’t mean that our nation’s top chefs haven’t started taking the gluten-free diet seriously. Whether launching dedicated gluten-free product lines or implementing gluten-free menus in their restaurants, these culinary geniuses have started catering to the growing gluten-free community in big ways.”

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“Gluten Challenge: Patients with NCGS Report More Symptoms than Those with Celiac Disease”

“In an effort to learn more about non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), a team of researchers recently carried out a study to measure the presence of somatization, personality traits, anxiety, depression, and health-related quality of life in NCGS individuals, and to compare the results with celiac disease patients and healthy control subjects.”

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