“Gluten-free Whether You Need It or Not”

“Eat no wheat.

That is the core, draconian commandment of a gluten-free diet, a prohibition that excises wide swaths of American cuisine — cupcakes, pizza, bread and macaroni and cheese, to name a few things.

For the approximately one-in-a-hundred Americans who have a serious condition called celiac disease, that is an indisputably wise medical directive.

Now medical experts largely agree that there is a condition related to gluten other than celiac. In 2011 a panel of celiac experts convened in Oslo and settled on a medical term for this malady: non-celiac gluten sensitivity.”  ~Source: New York Times Blog

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“Will a Pill Soon Enable Celiac Patients to Eat Gluten?”

“Scientists are making progress on the creation of a pill that would allow people with celiac disease to safely eat gluten in much the same way that lactase pills allow people with lactose intolerance to eat dairy products without upsetting digestion.” ~Source: celiac.com

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“Bringing Gluten-free Home for Holidays”

“The holiday season can easily strike fear in the hearts of those on a gluten-free or restricted diet. As if it wasn’t hard enough to avoid gluten during the rest of the year, it can seem downright impossible during the holidays when cookies, pies, and bread are particularly prevalent.”

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“GF Beauty: Should You Be Concerned with What’s in Your Products?”

GFbeautyHave you cut gluten out of your diet? If so, you’re part of a growing trend; sales of gluten-free products totaled about $2.6 billion in 2010. Now some beauty companies are also touting products free of the hot-button protein (found in grains like wheat and rye). The question is: If you can’t stomach gluten—either because you have celiac disease or a less severe intolerance—do you really need to avoid it in your moisturizer and shampoo? Not at all, says Sheila Crowe, MD, a gastroenterologist and professor of medicine at the University of California in San Diego. “There’s absolutely no evidence that using a topical product that contains gluten will cause a problem.” One caveat, though: If you’re a lip licker, you could ingest some gluten from a lipstick, gloss, or balm that isn’t gluten-free. So if you have celiac disease, look for lip products without ingredients that include oats, rye, barley, or wheat (such as moisturizing wheat germ oil).

~Source: Life Lift: The Oprah Blog

The above blurb was posted on Oprah’s blog earlier this year. Do you agree with the MD’s statement that using a topical product that contains gluten will not cause a problem? Have you reacted to a beauty product with gluten? Share your thoughts below…

Could Dementia Be Caused by Gluten Intolerance?

Dr. Vikki Petersen, DC CCN, discusses the potential link between dementia and gluten intolerance.

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Free Webinar Nov. 14: “How-To Tips on Managing Celiac Disease and Diabetes”

NFCA_WebinarType 1 diabetics are at an increased risk for developing celiac disease, which adds a challenge to an already strict diet. In fact, both celiac disease and diabetes are associated with the HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8 genes and 3-8 % of people with type 1 diabetes will have biopsy-confirmed celiac disease.

Join the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness for a free webinar on Wednesday, November 14, 2pm EST/11am PST (rescheduled from October 31), as they review the research on the link between these two conditions and provide dietitians with strategies on how to successfully treat patients living gluten-free while also needing to manage their diabetes. This webinar features industry expert Laurie A. Higgins, MS, RD, LDN, CDE, Coordinator of Pediatric Nutrition Education & Research, Pediatrics, Adolescent and Young Adult Section at Joslin Clinic.

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Source: celiaccentral.org/community/

Free Webinar Nov. 13: “GF Holiday How-Tos with Bloggers Extraordinaire”

NFCA_WebinarEach year, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a season that brings unique challenges to those living gluten-free. Extra careful attention must be paid to the food and drink passed around at holiday parties and ingested at a family’s special gathering.

Join the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness for a free webinar on Tuesday, November 13, 8:30 EST/5:30pm PST, as they turn to two of the gluten-free community’s well-known and trusted bloggers – Silvana Nardone of Silvana’s Kitchen and Easy Eats and Amy Green of Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free – to share tips on eating safe, delicious gluten-free goodies during the 2012 holiday season.

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Source: celiaccentral.org/community/

CCA ‘Gluten-Free Certification Program’

“The Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) is the only Canadian voluntary certification program designed for manufacturers of gluten-free food, drug and pharmaceutical products that are intended to be differentiated from the increasing clutter of gluten-free claims in today’s marketplace by using the Trusted Mark of the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA).” ~Source: celiac.ca

Learn more at glutenfreecertification.ca.