“BabyCakes” Cake Art Contest of the World!

To celebrate Spring, BabyCakes is holding its first ever Cake Art Contest of the World! To enter: Make a cake using the BabyCakes mixes* and frosting and decorate it with whatever Spring-inspired splendor you can imagine—there are no rules limiting your creative hankerings. Then, by April 19th, send a picture of this masterpiece to contest@babycakesnyc.com, along with your name, city and state, and what you are calling your cake. You can then consider yourself entered in the inaugural BabyCakes Cake Art Contest of the World! (You may also send them a photo of yourself as well.)

BabyCakes will set up an online gallery where your friends and loved ones can vote your cake into prize territory. The first place winner will receive a $100 BabyCakes gift certificate, both BabyCakes cookbooks, and an official BabyCakes apron exactly like those that the bakery bakers wear. There are also prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners.

BabyCakes NYC mixes and frosting are available at their New York City and Los Angeles bakeries, and online at babycakesnyc.com/store (national delivery only*). Enter FROSTINGSHOT at checkout to save 20% off cakes mix and frosting.

*Good news for Canadians: as BabyCakes does not deliver outside of the USA, I emailed the bakery to ask about using their cookbooks to create an entry, and the General Manager replied that we “could definitely use the recipes from [their] cookbooks for the cake contest!” Keep in mind that the contest winner will receive both books, but if you are interested in entering this fun contest, they may be purchased at various bookstores, as well as online: BabyCakes Vegan, (Mostly) Gluten-Free, and (Mostly) Sugar-Free Recipes from New York’s Most Talked-About Bakery and  BabyCakes Covers the Classics (great books to have whether you enter the contest or not!)

1 thought on ““BabyCakes” Cake Art Contest of the World!

  1. Thank you for contacting BabyCakes and looking out for your fellow gluten-free Canadians! I am excited that I will now be able to enter this contest.

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