“Frankie’s” Boasts 100% Gluten-Free Menu

Last week, I finally had the opportunity to dine at “Frankie’s Ristorante”… and it was well worth the wait! The intimate restaurant/bar, located in the heart of Uxbridge, boasts a 100% gluten- and wheat-free Mediterranean cuisine!

My dining companion and I were greeted by Chef/owner, Donna, who seated us by a picturesque window overlooking the Brock and Main Street store-fronts. We were amazed at “Frankie’s” selection of gluten-free items and beverages, including beer, cider, iced coffee, specialty teas and coffees, and even martinis!

To start we shared an order of ‘Frankie’s Bread,’ topped with chunky tomatoes, bell peppers and pancetta. I was pleased to hear that they could accommodate my cow dairy-free diet as well, so we opted to have the feta cheese on the side for my companion (*sidebar: various items on the menu can be made vegan or vegetarian). For dinner I enjoyed a cow dairy-free version of their ‘pasta a la vodka,’ with pancetta (seemed to be a pancetta-themed evening for me!), green onions, goat cheese and a shot of vodka, while sipping on my ‘faux-tini’ (sparkling seasonal fruit beverage). With his gluten-free beer in-hand, my companion enjoyed a stuffed pork tenderloin with apples and a Dijon cream sauce, served with roasted vegetables and potatoes. We were both completely satiated from our meals, but when the server inquired about dessert, we could not resist the ‘chocolate berry cake,’ a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free dessert that we had eyed at the table next to us when we first arrived. I ended up taking half back home with me so I was lucky enough to enjoy this delicious treat the next day also.

Overall, it was an above-pleasant experience for both of us- a gluten-free and non-gluten-free pair. There was great comfort in knowing that I did not have to worry about any potential cross-contamination in the kitchen. I highly recommend this restaurant/bar, whether you have specific food allergies, or are just looking to enjoy a delicious Mediterranean cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. A great vibe for those dessert-only nights, too.

Upon leaving, we had the opportunity to chat with Chef Donna about her gluten-free bakery, “Baked at Frankie’s,” located just down the street. I look forward to visiting this bakery in the near future for some fresh bread, sweets and savories!

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